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Working together with us will provide you with the following benefits:

  1. We have been training teachers since 2000. As a result, we have priceless experience in supporting our licensees.
  2. Our course solutions are top-notch programs that can compete with and surpass any teacher-training course of the same type.
  3. Our course materials are books that are used at acclaimed U.S. teacher-training colleges. People pay thousands of dollars for such an education.
  4. Apart from an intensive, initial training, our TEFL trainers have ongoing monthly training sessions of 1 ½ hour to discuss topics related to the teaching of the trainees and continuing education. This is college-level education.  No other TEFL training organization does that.
  5. Due to our experience over the years, you will start your new business and get a return on your investment in a very short time while delivering an excellent training.
  6. You will become part of a website that has gained authority over the years. That is good for your visibility and, ultimately, will influence your financial health.
  7. As your address will be entered into our Facebook, you can be seen by many people with TEFL interest worldwide.
  8. We are Digital Marketing / SEO specialists. If you need support here, you can get help from us. We can help you with all your MARKETING STRATEGIES
  9. Our courses are worldwide accredited. We will moderate them with your TEFL trainer as part of our commitment to quality.
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